• 1) Run in accordance with the rules and regulations of ASA & CGA.
    2) Proof of age to be produced on request. Numeric age tags to be worn visibly on the front and back to qualify for prizes.
    3) 21.1km runners must be 16 years and older on the race day.
    4) 10km runners must be 15 years and older on the race day.
    5) No seconding allowed as there are ample water points, water points will be added every 2.5km to 3km.
    6) Registered athletes must be a member of a club affiliated with ASA and wear club colours.
    7) Temporary licenced athletes must wear plain clothes.
    8) The 2020 provincial licence numbers to be worn on the back & front of the vest and the issued temporary licence on the back of the vest.
    9) The official Birchwood race number must be worn throughout the race on the front of the vest, on top of the provincial licence number, not concealing the sponsors names & logos.
    10) Prizes not collected within 30 minutes are forwarded to CGA
    11) Foreign athletes are not allowed to run with a ASA Provincial licence and are required to purchase a temporary licence or face disqualification. (Refer to IAAF rule 4.)
    12) Foreign athletes are not allowed to run in club colours unless such club exist in their country of origin or they are in possession of a refugee status permit or are naturalised citizens of RSA. (Refer to IAAF rule 4.) 13) NO rollerblades, skateboards, or cyclists allowed on the route.
    14) Only free entry for Great Grand Masters (70+) & Blind Runners, temporary license fee still apply. Should individuals abuse this offering their contact details will be sent to CGA.
    15) Athletes are not allowed to participate with pets.
    16) Entry fee is
    NON-REFUNDABLE, if the Event Directors deems the event to be unsafe due to lighting etc. the race will be cancelled.
    17) 21km is a double lapper.
    18) All entrants participate at their own risk.
    19) Athletes must comply with ASA domicile rule.
    20) All traffic officers and officials instructions are to be obeyed at all times.
    21) Athletes are only eligible for prizes in the race they have registered for.
    22) Licenced athletes not wearing club colours may face disqualification.
    23) Objections must be lodged within 30minutes before or after prize-giving in writing to the chief referee accompanied by R500.00 which is refundable if the appeal is upheld.
    24) The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject entry.
    25) No musical earpieces are allowed.
    26) Wheelchairs are permitted, T’s and C’s apply. Please contact race director.
    27) A tog bag area is provided. While care is taken with stored items, Birchwood will not be responsible for the loss or damage to property.
    28) Athletes indemnify the national, provincial & regional bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against any or all action of whatsoever nature, whatever the same may arise out of their participation in the race.
    29) International athletes must provide a clearance certificate letter from their country of origin in the event of them winning a prize.
    30) Athletes may not run with another athlete's race number unless by prior arrangement with the race director.
    31) Athletes who participate without buying a race entry will be disqualified & will not be entitled to any benefits associated with the race & will be liable for a double entry fee charge. Habitual offenders will be called to a CGA disciplinary.
    32) Club Gazebos to be set up on Saturday 18 April between 09:00AM - 14:00PM ONLY. NO VEHICLE access into FINISH AREA
    33) Cut Off time is 3 hours & 30 minutes.
    34) Substitutions will only be allowed at Race Number collection on the 17th & 18th April 2020 and an admin fee of R100.00 applies.
    35) Prize Giving will be at 8.30am34) No Chip - No TimeRelease & Waiver 35) Temporary License will be on sale on the morning of the race between 05:00-06:30.
    36) You can only win the category you enter. I am in good health, physically fit and have sufficiently trained to participate in this event. I agree to comply with the rules, conditions of the entry and regulations for this event which includes the payment of the entry fee.
    Participants in the Birchwood Half Marathon (“the Event”) acknowledge that although all precautions have been taken by the organising body, there may be dangers inherent in participating in the Event. Participants voluntarily assume such risks and waive all claim of whatsoever
    nature and howsoever arising in relation to the Event against any parties, including but not limited to the organising body, sponsors, advertisers, local authorities, directors, employees and suppliers of these parties and any individual, marshal or agent (“the Parties”).
    Participants irrevocably agree to and consent to their photograph being used to market and/or publicise the Event by the Event organisers. The participants further agree to receive marketing material from the Parties and indemnify the Parties againstany liabilities or claims of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (whether directly or indirectly, whether from negligence, albeit gross and/or from involvement in or passage to or from the Event), including but not limited to liability or delay, inconvenience, expenses sustained, incurred or put to by participants and/or by any minor child under the care or control of participants.Parents or guardians authorising a minor’s participation in the Event hereby consent to such a minor not being capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above. Please note: We are fully within our rights to say entries cannot be refunded, cancelled, returned or exchanged on account of the weather or unforeseen events occurring beyond the control of the event organisers.

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